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To start with, it is good to keep in mind that green is also a colour.

Protective plants may also cause problems.

Plants usually follow the orders of nature pretty obediently.

Some plants have deep roots, while others have a shallow root system.

Planting hedges and partitions have priority when creating a garden.

In most gardens, there is no space for large trees.

Most plants are only decorative for a short period.

A uniformly green leaf occurs regularly.

Plants tend to form seed and then die.

The rectangular garden is the most common form.

Plants that grow a bit to wildly must be pruned.

At the end of autumn, place a nametag by your perennials.

In nature, plants have to deal with changing seasons.

A lawn need not be rectangular or square.

The paths are covered in mud because they do not run in the right direction.

The soil that horticulturalists use in their pots is of extremely good quality.

A lawn may be created for various reasons.

If one wishes to reduce the height of the bushes, one should cut them very short one time.

If you wish to sit in the garden until late in the evening, it is advisable to install garden lighting.

A garden is only there for our pleasure.

If the pot itself is regarded as a decorative element, it will need no greenery at all.

Flowers to be dried are best plucked on a sunny day when the flower is at its most beautiful.

If there are still questions, there are always experts who can provide advice.

In contrast to other garden features, it is difficult to move a pond once it has been installed.

We should not regard a plant as a thing in itself, but rather as a part of the garden as a whole.

Good seeding is an extremely difficult task.

Plant slowly, thoroughly and firmly.

Experts speak of two basic techniques for pruning: thinning and cutting back.

It is a difficult question: how does water ascend in a plant?

In fact it means that we must try to interfere as little as possible and to see as much as possible.

When planning a border, one should approach the work much as a painter does.

There are various plants that expand substantially underground.

There are many ways to construct and maintain gardens and parks.

The plants do not willingly choose their habitat, but do so according to certain laws.

A plant is a living creature.

Cut flowers are flowers that are specially cultivated outdoors or under glass in order to be cut for display.

We must ensure that not all flowers bloom during our vacation.

There are also plants that take root very easily when the branches touch the ground.

Fortunately, there are plants that do well under almost all circumstances.

Plants force themselves upon us, much more than animals do.

There are people who feel attracted to certain flowers.

Not everyone loves flowers.

A hedge must be natural.

The points at which you enter and exit a space determine the route through the garden.

When you are done, allow the ground to rest for four weeks.

In addition, trees are exceptionally useful.

The pond must fit into its surroundings.

Your house does not stop at the threshold.

The ground in your garden.

A brick wall will probably cost more than all plants taken together.

Always apply the same plant for the entire enclosure.

A border does not fit in everywhere, not everyone wants an abundance of flowers.

The stem reaches upward, just as the root seeks depth.

Most difficulties can be reduced to the plant material.

There is a plethora of addresses where you can buy plants.

The easiest way to improve soil is to replace it.

Not all plants are suitable for generating combinations.

The possibilities to use a lawn increase with the surface area.

There are plants that deliver, contrary to all the rules, completely opposite results.

In the case of decaying, infected or suspicious plants, these should be severed just above the ground and destroyed.

Isn’t direct contact with the ground one of the greatest joys the garden can give?

We have the disadvantage that we cannot lay out the garden in a different direction, we must take it as it is.






























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