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Book XXXIII is a treasure trove of knowledge about the botanical world and gardening, packed into a small library. The collection contains 876 titles, mainly European books written by experts in the field of plants and their applications. Although completeness is not the goal of the library, the collection is more than complete due to the diversity of topics.

The books are written in Dutch, often translations from English or German. The oldest book dates back to 1911, and the most recent to 2006. However, the emphasis of the collection lies between the 1960s and 1990s, when numerous titles were published on gardening, (indoor) plants, flower arranging, and other related subjects. These books were published in large quantities, indicating the popularity of the topics covered in the books. After this period, interest in these books declined sharply, and the rise of the internet took over the transfer of information.

Since 2015, no new titles have been added to the collection due to limited space and information saturation. New titles are considered of little value because there is already a lot of available information and books published after 2000 mark a new era.

Each book in the collection is professionally indexed by topic by A.A. Spijkstra, a librarian from the University of Groningen, which makes it easy to find information on specific subjects. However, the significance of this library lies not in its provision of practical knowledge, but rather in its reflection of a defined period through photographs, drawings, and language that document the relationship between humans and their gardens, plants, and nature.










































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