Book VI

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Book VI uses the garden and plant as a metaphor for the Van Abbemuseum. By means of books, photo's, objects and texts - often as quote, copy or ready made - Book VI redefines the Van Abbemuseum. The work shows numerous opinions about plants and gardening.

Book VI is rhizomatic and consists of several works, each with its own encryption.

Rhizome is a root-like, underground stem, growing horizontally on or just under the surface of the ground, and capable of producing shoots and roots from its nodes. Rhizomes are most commonly produced by perennial, herbaceous species of plants, that die back to the ground at the end of the growing season, and must grow a new shoot at the beginning of the next season. Rhizomes are capable of storing energy, usually as starch, which is used to fuel the regeneration of new shoots. Rhizomes are also sometimes called rootstocks.

Book VI:

BVI-AR-VAM - Boek VI Archief Van Abbemuseum

BVI-BP-VAM - Boek VI Beleidsplan Van Abbemuseum

BVI-BI-VAM - Boek VI Bibliotheek Van Abbemuseum

BVI-CO-VAM - Boek VI Collectie Van Abbemuseum

BVI-MW-VAM - Boek VI Museumwinkel Van Abbemuseum

BVI-WE-VAM - Boek VI Website Van Abbemuseum



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