It took you a very long time to create this book, why is that?

I did not want to display only the wrapping.

Did you succeed?


Now you show only the wrapping?

Yes, but doesn’t that apply to almost everything?

I would not know how to open something otherwise.

My question is whether or not something can be opened without it first being wrapped.

Wouldn’t you like to wrap something?



Why does the sun shine and why do we see it set?

Because it burns and we orbit around it.

Could it be any different?

No, could you be different?

Yes, but ultimately everything revolves around the same thing.

Your books too?


How do they arise?

By omitting a great deal, an excess conceals what really generates a book.

An excess of what?

An excess.

What is your work about?

About nothing.

What am I looking at?

That is completely up to you.

That is easily said.

Perhaps, but your words long for answers.

That you do not have.

I show.

You show nothing.

What I show is my looking.

And what do you see?

A world in which I create, name and destroy.

I see nothing in your work that demonstrates this.

You think in terms of obligation, as if there is an obligation; there is no wish for obligations.

But in such cases you can depict anything.


Without restriction?


And the wrapping you spoke about earlier?

I fear it.


It tempts my looking.

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