This concept is a short summary of the original plan as submitted for 'Open Call On Campus Minerva Academy', Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam. The 'Open Call On Campus Academie Minerva' was canceled on March 20, 2020 due to Covid-19 outbreak.

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Proposal for a permanent green inner courtyard at Hanze Minerva Art Academy, University of Applied Sciences, Groningen The Netherlands. 

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"Minerva Academy reflects itself on the world and holds up a mirror to the world". You can read this on the website of Minerva Academy3.

With the aforementioned "core idea" Minerva is held up a mirror through which concepts of green, ecology, sustainability and a sense of community1 gain meaning. During the development and realization of the project, the 'core idea' will be explored together with students, teachers, the Art and Sustainability and Art and Society professorship through lectures, workshops and excursions.

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