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This concept is a short summary of the original plan as submitted for 'Open Call On Campus Minerva Academy', Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam. The 'Open Call On Campus Academie Minerva' was canceled on March 20, 2020 due to Covid-19 outbreak.

A permanent green courtyard at Hanze Minerva Art Academy, University of Applied Sciences, Groningen The Netherlands. 

Book XL presents a meaningful and sustainable design for the courtyard of Minerva Art Academy. Several parties - both within and outside Hanze University Groningen - can participate in Book XL. Book XL is a conceptual starting point that provides a framework with which decisions can be defended during the design process towards a permanent green courtyard.

The book is about creating biodiversity. The focus is not only on the courtyard, but also on the roofs and outer walls of the Academy. For Book XL, the entire building (exterior) of Minerva Art Academy has been conceived as a garden that functions as a 'green hub' for insects, birds and bats. To achieve this, all the flat roofs of the academy building are covered with a rich variety of herbs, grasses and sedum plants. The facades around the courtyard are vertical gardens with a mix of climbing plants. The vegetation of both the roofs and the facades has been extended to the courtyard where they completely merge into each other.

The idea of ​​a 'green hub' gives special meaning to the concept of a sense of community. The meaning of the term applies not only to the people who work and study in the academy building, but also to birds, bats, insects and plants that find a new habitat there. In fact, Book XL is a reversal of the human perspective on our living environment and interaction with nature, whereby nature is now primarily at the service of humanity.


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