The current drive for visibility on the internet and social media encourages adaptation and manipulation of art documentation from both artists and memory institutions. A value shift is currently taking place whereby the documentation of an artwork on the internet becomes more important than the original artwork itself.

Meanwhile, due to the universal and compelling design of social media, smartphones, tablets and computers, a leveling takes place on a large scale in how we take in knowledge via screens. This awareness hardly plays any role in the digitization of art collections and how art (documentation) is viewed online.

Book XXXI is the result of the hypothesis that the current use of the internet and future digital techniques will ultimately lead to the elemination of the distinction between the original and its copy. Book XXXI is an art based project by which critical questions are asked about the obviousness on how documentation and digital applications, such as online art archives, are used for promotion, historiography and research.

Book XXXI wil be published in collaboration with the Centre for Artists’ Publications, Bremen DE.


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