Book M

The concepts of work

The original of each work is digital, the material manifestation is a copy / translation / interpretation that is not bound to a fixed (presentation) form or production amount.

The title 'Book' is synonymous with work and indicates that it is a bundling of information that can be read, stored, reproduced, distributed and presented.

All technical and aesthetic choices in a material manifestation are linked to the context in which the work is shown.

Because the meaning (outcome) differs per material manifestation, only the outcome is dated, the original is not.

The work is rhizomatic in every respect, all information about a work is integral part of the work.

The development and production of both the original and the material manifestation protects the environment as much as possible.

The material manifestation does not have to be preserved, preservation is only necessary if this is advantageous with respect to the environment.

The work waives copyright if this leads to greed, hinders the exchange of knowledge / creativity, deprives the possibility of criticism or leads to hypocrisy.

The original is not for sale and unlike the material manifestation of the work, it is not a possession.

It is possible to deviate from one of the concepts above, but only if this does not lead to contradiction with any of the other concepts.



















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