Jan van der Til

What I do, manifests itself in various different ways, is at times anonymous, questions authorship, originality, meaning and context. The boundaries between my work, original, and copy have gradually disappeared. The photographic images and texts that I use are ‘collages’ whose authorship is open to question. I undermine and question the unique. Form, meaning, (re)presentation and even sale have factually merged and are at times indivisibly linked. As such, my work presents itself neither as a starting point nor as an end point, nor can it be defined as ‘finished’.

The work is ‘mutualistic’ or aspires to be. In ecology, mutualism or symbiosis refers to an interaction between life forms from which each of them benefit. The development and content is dependent on the mutual interwovenness . My aim is to create an oeuvre without hierarchy, where works can be easily added, combined or omitted. In addition to the term mutualism or symbiosis, I use the term rhizome to describe and contextualize my work. A rhizome is a rootstock. The essence of a rhizome is that has neither a beginning or an end; it is a complex of links and connections within a structure that does not lend itself to centralized control. Many wild plants, often seen as weeds, have rhizomes.

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