It took you some time to create this book, why is that?

I did not want to display only the wrapping.

Did you succeed?

Not yet.

Am I now looking at a wrapping?

Yes, but that applies to everything.

And if something is not wrapped, how should it be opened?

That depends on that something.

What is that something in your case?

What I do not want to wrap.


Why does the sun shine and why do I now see it set?

Because it is burning and we orbit around it.

Could it be any different?

No, could you be any different?

Yes, but ultimately everything appears to revolve around the same thing.

Your books too?


How do they arise?

By omitting what genuinely leads to books.

What is that?

The excess.

What is your work about?

About vision.

Which vision?

That is up to you.

That is not an answer.

Perhaps, but you are longing for words.

That you do not provide.

No, it’s all about looking.

Is that the only thing?

This ‘only thing’ creates everything you can imagine.

I see nothing in your work that could possibly demonstrate this.

You think in terms of obligation, I don’t wish to have any obligations.

But if that is the case, you can depict everything.


Without restriction?

In absolute freedom.

And the wrapping?

I fear it.


It is too tempting.

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