It has taken you a long time to create this book, why is that?

I did not want to display merely wrapping.

Did you succeed?


Am I now only looking at wrapping?

Doesn’t that apply to everything?

Perhaps, but how else can we open something?

That depends on that something.

Wouldn’t you like to wrap something?

Not just to open it again.


Why does the sun shine, and why do I see it set?

Because it is burning and because we orbit around it.

Could it be any different?

No, could you be different?

Maybe, but the idea alone makes me dizzy.

How does that arise in you?

By omitting many things, too much conceals what generates real thinking.

Too much of what?

Too much.

What do you think about?

About sight.

Which sight?

That is up to you.

That’s easy.

Maybe, but you are seeking too many words.

That you don’t give.

Or depict?

What you see is your vision.

Is that the only thing?


I see nothing in your work that indicates this.

You think in terms of ‘have to’, I don’t wish to ‘have to’

But, like this, you can reject everything.


Without limits.

Yes, in complete freedom.

Without wrapping.

I fear her.


She confines too much.

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