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Book III, test arrangement Van Abbemuseum

Book III, Van Abbemuseum Einhoven NL Jan van der Til

4 September - 9 September 2014

Van Abbemuseum

BIII-POVAM.E-2014  |  Book III, test arrangement Van Abbemuseum

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Book III, the third book by Jan van der Til (Groningen, 1972), has gardens and plants as a theme. These are used as metaphors for philosophical questions about viewing, thinking and being. Book III is non-hierarchical, non-linear and has plural physical manifestations. The work has a rhizomatic design, provides a pluralist view on reality and is essentially imperfective.

Book III is presented in the Do-it-yourself Archive that is part of the collection presentation Once Upon a Time… The Collection Now. The Do-it-yourself Archive is experimental. Limitations and possibilities of the presentation of art in a museum context are consciously addressed in this presentation. Artworks, artist books and ephemera (flyers, etc.) from the period 1960-1980 are freely accessible to all audiences.

Book III, test arrangement Van Abbemuseum is thoroughly cogitated both content wise and visually. The Do-it-yourself archive has been somewhat adapted for the work. All adaptations correspond to the conceptual design of the both the Do-it-yourself archive and BOOK III. A temporal symbiosis has been sought for.

Book III, test arrangement Van Abbemuseum is the first product of the collaboration between Jan van der Til, visual artist, and Diana Franssen, Head of Research and Curator Van Abbemuseum. The heart of this collaboration is to explore how a concept as Book III, which uses multiple sources and archives, may serve new forms of exhibiting.

Book source: FT 3 WRIG 1976

Book III


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